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Roots with South Asian Today: Welcome to the alt universe of Bollywouldn't

Season 02, Ep 10: In conversation with TextaQueen

Our guest is the one-and-only TextaQueen. They are a Goan-Indian artist and are known for working predominantly in felt-tip pen - aka 'texta' (hence the name) - to draw out politics of gender, race, sexuality and identity on paper.

In this episode, we discuss South Asians' love-hate relationship with Bollywood but with a twist.

TextaQueen's exciting new project with 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art - Bollywouldn't -  imagines an alternative universe. It deconstructs all the "-isms" in the Bollywood genre, giving agency back to South Asians, particularly those marginalised within our cultures through sexuality and gender identities.

We speak about what decolonising Bollywood means, re-imagining its impact on South Asians and why art is perhaps the best way to do it.

Tune in!

TextaQueen's image credit: Leah Jing McIntosh.

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