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The Call & The Calling: To dream beyond motherhood

Dreaming & Coping with Covid

Lockdown prompted Wilma to finally follow her dreams and start her own business - an Indian & Indo-Western fashion boutique for South Asian women. 

When she first migrated to Australia, she gave up her profession as a teacher, fearing that she would be taken seriously by students in a foreign country. She eventually took a job that met her needs practically and financially but never vocationally. She "settled".

Lockdown opened the door to becoming an entrepreneur, and she's only just starting.

Filmed by her daughter and our wonderful director, Sneha, this short documentary follows Wilma's conversation with a family member over a video call, letting us in her world full of dreams, grit, and ambition, layered up with the bittersweet sadness of having to prove herself harder than ever.

Watch now. 

Written and directed by Sneha Lees for our ongoing series, 'Coping with Covid'.

‘Coping with COVID' is a multimedia series funded by the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing. Through this project, we aim to highlight the mental, physical, social and financial recovery of South Asians in Australia post-lockdowns. Follow the hashtag #CopingWithCovid below for more.

About the author

Sneha works on Boon Wurrung Land. Her writing has been featured in The Guardian, ABC Everyday, SBS Voices, South Asian Today, The Big Issue and more. Her book, Good Indian Daughter was published by Affirm Press in May 2021, under the pseudonym Ruhi Lee. She recently completed a Graduate Certificate in Creative Business (21st Century Screen Production) from The Compton School, University of Canberra and was also selected for the Screen Actors Studio 2022 at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA). She is currently working on a new novel and a screenplay adaptation of her book. The Call is her first commissioned short film. Find out more at



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