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Connect to heal: Art Therapy in times of lockdown

Rupa Parthasarthy's Mindkshetra has a mission

The lockdown brought isolation, distance and disconnect. It became more evident than ever that belongingness, culture and community help us live a happier life.

But how does one begin to connect when there is still shame around mental health?

Sydney-based art therapist, Rupa Parthasarathy, started Mindkshetra to help people build trust with themselves and nature. Through workshops and projects like yarn wrapping, she is creating a space where South Asians can destigmatise the taboo around mental health. 

Art can heal. 

But how does she do it?

Ana Tiwary brings you the story for our series 'Coping with Covid'.

‘Coping with COVID' is a multimedia series funded by the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing. Through this project, we aim to highlight the mental, physical, social and financial recovery of South Asians in Australia post-lockdowns. Follow the hashtag #CopingWithCovid below for more.

About the author

Ana Tiwary is a Sydney-based independent producer and director known for telling untold, cross-cultural stories. Her career has been shaped through her work on Bollywood films in Mumbai, at National Geographic Channel USA and producing numerous documentaries for ABC’s Compass.  She’s passionate about telling Australian stories and creating content that brings gender, racial and cultural diversity to our screens.



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