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We Are The Mainstream is raising 50K for IWD

Celebrating Women of Colour away from the White gaze

Sometimes mics are extended to a few well assimilated tokens of colour as an afterthought at International Women’s Day events in Australia (never ceded), where the inclusion of White men takes priority over solidarity with Women of Colour and gender diverse People of Colour.

The organising team of the collective, We Are The Mainstream, a force of Women of Colour and gender diverse People of Colour, spearheaded by Priyanka Bromhead, formed just in time to put on a joyous inaugural event for International Women’s Day 2020, just before COVID struck.

White people and cis men were asked to back us through financial contributions instead of sharing our space to validate our pain and strides, reliving us of White women tears to mop up and fragile men to coddle.


Within such a space, away from the White gaze, is where we grappled with our internalised White gaze, and had a chance to discuss topics such as settlers of colour aligning with the dominant culture in the oppression of First Nations Peoples, casteism within the South Asian diaspora and classism, with some nuance, without fear of pandering to tropes of People of Colour.

We Are The Mainstream aspires to challenge all forms of supremacy. Our end game is to deconstruct power and dismantle the table, rather than squeeze our seats in by way of tokenising ourselves, upholding the myth of meritocracy, tripping up our peers and losing ourselves in the process.