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Spill the Chai: Being Brown & Hating My Body

Sayaka Sayeed in conversation with Sabah Noor about body shaming among South Asians

The first episode of Spill the Chai focuses on body shaming among South Asian communities. 

Our guest Sabah Noor opens up about having to deal with mental and societal pressures around weight. Growing up in a South Asian family and constantly being told "you're not good enough" can lead to confidence issues among young, Brown wom*n. 

Watch the video for a heartfelt conversation between Sayaka and Sabah. We may have cried a little. 

If you wish to be a part of Spill the Chai, please email us. 

About the author

"A Bangladeshi trying to find purpose living independently in Australia."

Sayaka says being privileged, she has always felt the need to give back to society the best she can.  She is an advocate for equality and improving mental well-being as she herself has had to deal with racism, sexism, anxiety and PTSD and has several close friends who are struggling with mental illness on a daily basis. She is horrible at pacing herself with alcohol, hates small talk, geeks out on musicals and loves to sing/write songs. She gets cranky when food is only seasoned with salt and pepper.

Instagram: @sayakasayeed



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