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Artwork by Sahana Arun
Roots with South Asian Today: Media diversity in Australia is long overdue

Season 02, Ep 04: In conversation with Mariam Veiszadeh, new CEO of Media Diversity Australia

The realities of being a South Asian Australian climate activist

Behind glamorised photos lie tokenism and stereotypes

Sardar Udham, an ode to revolutionaries of the Punjab

Jallianwalla Bagh Massacre gave rise to the British downfall

Hindus in Bangladesh: The roots of communal violence

Since 1947, the population has decreased from 30% to less than 9%

Roots with South Asian Today: Let People Talk, You Do You

Season 02, Ep 01: In conversation with Indian-Australian makeup artist, Rowi Singh

Former Miss India USA Takes on Federation of Malayalee Associations of Americas with Allegations of Sexual Harassment

In a culture that trains women to curtail male sexual aggression, former Miss India USA fights back